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Prisoners of War

British Prisoners of War

British POW's depicted on a plate by the Dutch firm of Petru Regout & Co, Maastricht

The hospital at the Racecourse was used for wounded and sick prisoners until the fall of Pretoria. The officers remained at the Staats Model School until 16 March 1900 when they were moved to their new quarters known as the Birdcage at Daspoort.

The welfare of the prisoners was controlled by a board of management consisting of four persons. They were Louis da Souza, Commandant Opperman, directly responsible for the safe custody of the prisoners, Dr Gunning, who was Opperman's assistant and Hans Malan. Opperman was replaced by a Mr Westerink in March 1900.

The 129 officers and 36 soldiers detrained at the Staats Model School were released on the 5th of June 1900. On the 6th of June Colonel T C Porter's Brigade was ordered to affect the release of the men confined at Waterval. A squadron of Greys under Captain Maude finally released some 3187 men.

It was found that 900 prisoners had been removed by the Boers from Waterval on the 4th of June. These men were now detained at Nooitgedacht. They were eventually released by the Earl of Dundonald on the 30th of August 1900.

When General French entered Barberton in September 1900, he released the final group of prisoners namely twenty-three officers and fifty-nine soldiers whom the Boers had removed from Nooitgedacht. Most of them had been confined in a barbed wire enclosure while some were housed in the local goal.


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Prisoners of War
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