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What's on

Help the Museum to keep History alive!

Help the Museum to keep History alive!

A few years ago the War Museum initiated the launch of an Anglo-Boer War Olympiad for schools where the participating teams could win awards and prizes. Despite a limited budget, the Museum, with the support of the Friends of the War Museum, is determined to build on this endeavor. The Friends of the War Museum have created 3 publications on battlefields, monuments, gravestones and buildings associated with the Anglo-Boer War in Bloemfontein, the North Eastern Cape and the South Free State. To fund the Anglo-Boer Olympiad, we are looking for 20 readers and / or individuals who want to purchase the 3 publications as a package for R500. All funds are used for the Olympiad. The R500 will include postage. The publications are fully bilingual and include all information on attractions in these regions.

To order and for more information, please contact Christelle Swanepoel at the War Museum (christelles@anglo-boer.co.za)

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Posted: 2018/07/09 (03:52:27 PM)


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