Announcing the 120-year Commemoration of the Anglo-Boer (South African) War Conference

9-11 October 2019

Hosted by the War Museum of the Boer Republics
Bloemfontein, South Africa

Theme: Re-imaging the Anglo-Boer (South African) War: New perspectives 120 years down the line

This year marks the 120-year commemoration of the Anglo-Boer (South African) War. In recent years the study and interpretation of the war have created new insights of the complexities that this particular conflict had on the South African population. In accordance with the War Museums vision the conference will represent the inclusivity and suffering of all communities, thus also propagating the message that negotiation is preferable to war. Although the emphasis will inherently be on historical interpretations of the war the conference aims at including a multi-disciplinary approach. The 2019 conference wishes to assemble historians and other scholars researching the diverse dimensions of the Anglo-Boer (South African) War. Not only are established and emerging scholars encouraged to attend but also so-called amateur historians. As such participants and conference attendants do not necessarily have to be affiliated with a specific institution or organisation.

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